Sunday, April 9, 2017

Freebooters of the Perilous Wilds

I used to play solo games and duets when I was younger. I don't know when the idea of needing a group became a concern for me. After being assigned to a truck, I realized there are limits to my gaming resources: time and space being the primary concern. While there are forum based and play by post games available, they never reached completion for me as a GM or a player. People would forget or claim they no longer had time to post every couple days. So, I'm experimenting with digital and solo games.

My first solo RPG experience will be posted next. Many of us who have been playing role playing games for years are probably used to house ruling many things. That created my first predicament: what to play with what supplements with what alterations to the rules. To stop the endless analysis paralysis, I put my foot down: let's play something by the book.

I prefer simplified games that are Powered by the Apocalypse because each result will push the story forward. I had Freebooters on the Frontier on my tablet along with Perilous Wilds and Funnel World. With those, I created six level 0 villagers and put them through the "Ghost Ship Demeter" funnel.

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