Friday, December 15, 2017

Azaril: Season 1, Episode 1, Scenes 3 and 4

Overplayer rolls for Tone: Glum - 5, Jovial - 1
Overplayer chooses a Discovery phase.

Azaril enters the large chamber, a meeting hall turned into a dining area. The room is noticeably warmer, heated for the comfort of living creatures. The bright torch light from the hall does little to illuminate the feast hall. Dark shadows gather against a set of double doors set in the wall to his left. An immense crack of shifting ice erupts from behind the door followed by a cold impact on the stone floor beyond.

Overplayer passes the dice to Azaril.
Azaril rolls for Tone: Glum - 3, Jovial - 2

Azaril gazes upon the set of double doors. The chanting seeps into the room from the gap beneath them. He knows that Mehrunes’ Razor lies within the next chamber with the cultists and snow demon. The snow demons emerge annually to visit destruction on the Monkey People of Tang Mo. They have been known to send a fleet to Tamriel in an effort to conquer the foreign land. Each time, they were driven back. With Mehrunes Dagon in power, who knows what would happen should they invade again.

Azaril picks up the dice and hands them to the Overplayer.

The Snow Demons spread destruction across Akavir and have invaded Tamriel before. What does a cold heart desire?

The thawing demon’s chest heaves from within his prison. His eyes burn with fury with the barest glimmer of resignation. He does as he is designed to do: to conquer. He would bring a glacial winter to Akavir. The cult mentioned that there were others, refugees from Tamriel.

The seething demon pins Mehrunes’ Razor under his burning gaze. Mehrunes Dagon. The Daedric Prince had succeeded where they had failed. He needed an army. Allies. He would need to speak with the Serpent Folk, the Tsaesci, and they would conquer Tang Mo. With the strength of three nations, Akavir would take the fight to Mehrunes Dagon; the outcome would bear witness to who would remain in power.

Overplayer ends the Discovery Phase and begins a Perilous Phase.
Overplayer rolls for Tone: Glum - 3, Jovial - 5

3rd Motif Card
  • A Cold Heart’s Desire

I'm experimenting with making the session a little more gamified by adding the two option elements from Bivius and Miso.

The doors open and Azaril creeps in, the floating dagger called Mehrunes’ Razor dangles on unseen strings. The four mages surrounding the blade stand with arms stretched to their sides. Blue lightning dances through the air, connecting them in some magical circle. The massive creature at the end of the chamber, dripping as the thin sheet of ice melts, stares fixedly at the Razor with eyes glowing like burning embers.

Overplayer rolls for the Storm’s actions:
  • Option A: The mages break the circle, sensing Azaril’s intrusion, and attack.
  • Option B: The mages intensify their ward to prevent the Razor from being taken.
Option A: 2, Option B: 2, Tie: Tone changes to Glum (B).
Overplayer picks up the dice.

Azaril senses a building of power; the enhanced senses of the mages detect the approaching thief. The blue lightning intensifies and forms an electrical ward. Two of the mages step away from the circle, pulling their position shut like a curtain.

Overplayer checks for the Storm’s behavior:
  • Option A: The two mages unleash magical attacks on the thief.
  • Option B: The two form defensive wards and pull daggers free.
Option A: 3, Option B: 6
Overplayer passes the dice to Azaril.

The two mages each raise a hand wreathed by cyan energy. The other hand pull daggers from their scabbard. The two stand sentinel in front of their companions.

As a cloak of blue magicka settles around them, one hand burns as it becomes encased with fire. The other channels a pool of amethyst energy into his fist. The air burns with purple fire, a black orb in its center calling a creature from Oblivion.

Azaril steps from the shadows and pulls his own daggers free, circling around the two to keep the summoned creature between him and the fire mage.

Overplayer checks for the Storm’s action:
  • Option A: The conjured familiar launches at Azaril.
  • Option B: The fire mage unleashes a firebolt
Option A: 1, Option B: 4

The fire mage clenched his fist as the magicka reserve fills to capacity. The hand stretches out and sweeps gracefully in Azaril’s direction.

Azaril leaps to one side, inching closer to one of the mages sustaining the ward. The blast of fire sears his side and burns away a patch from his cloak.

Overplayer checks for the Storm’s action:
  • Option A: The conjuror slings an icebolt at Azaril.
  • Option B: The conjured familiar leaps at Azaril.
Option A: 1, Option B: 4

The familiar steps into reality, the black portal snapping shut behind it. A spectral wolf crouches low with a menacing growl. It launches forward and tackles Azaril to the floor, teeth gnashing at his face and neck.

Azaril rolls for Tone: Glum - 4, Jovial - 6

Azaril presses his arm against the surprisingly heavy neck of the spectral wolf. One dagger stabs into the beasts side. The creature cries out in pain and leaps away from the unexpected assault. Azaril snarls and follows through, driving the dagger into the side of the spirit’s neck. The wolf erupts into silent cyan fire and fades back into Oblivion.

The thief slides across the floor and comes up in front of the fire mage. A pair of blades drive into his victim’s legs, and Azaril rises to silence the man’s screams with a vicious slash across his throat.

The conjuror starts to back away, hurling spikes of ice at Azaril. Azaril dances between them, the ice shards slicing and tearing into his cloak. One dagger flies at the mage, deflected by the magical armor encasing him. The armor flares sky blue and shatters with the sound of broken glass. The thief continues to glide forward and his blade pierces the chest of the conjuror.

The remaining two mages, torn between warding Mehrunes’ Razor and self preservation, drop the shield encasing the Daedric artifact. The closest mage brings up her hands, glowing with black fire, to protect herself. Azaril hurls his second dagger, embedding it deep with her shoulder.

The thief continues forward, reflexively snatching at Mehrunes’ Razor as he stalks by. The image’s expression turns to horror as the blade rips across her chest. For a moment, their eyes lock, then she bursts into a cloud of lavender light. Banished.

The remaining mage gapes at where his companion once stood then turns to Azaril before fleeing from the room. Azaril turns away from the retreating man and stares up at the titan in front of him. They stare at each other for a pair of heartbeats. Azaril turns and strides from the room, Mehrunes’ Razor in hand.

The Snow Demon’s eyes bore into Azaril’s back as he leaves with the Razor. More ice cracks and falls to the floor, steam rising from his massive form. He would be ready. Soon...

3rd Motif Card

  • A Cold Heart’s Desire
  • Shatters with the sound of broken glass
  • A cloud of lavender light

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