Friday, January 26, 2018

Interlude, Waypoints: Breaking Point

I keep trying to get back to Blood Like Roses but someone else's story wants to be told. Two someones, actually. So, I blended some RPGs together and came up with the following to use for those sessions.

Chart your path: name your character’s concept and describe five to seven interesting facts (marks).

Example Arcane Gunslinger: bound spirit (name and choose two areas of influence), eagle eyed, elemental bullets, stasis round, the unseen shot, triggered reflexes

Example Thief: acrobatic, an eye for traps, hidden knives, locksmith, move like a shadow, the concealed attack, vials of poison

If we have questions about a mark, tell us why it's awesome.

Make your mark: choose any number of marks as the story and table demands.

Find your way: describe two waypoints, some character defining challenges. Achieve these to make a mark.

Gear: what is needed by the story or taken as a mark.

To act: make a move. When you make a move, roll 2 six sided dice. +1 die if you have the right gear or mark, and -1 die for any disadvantages; max 3d6, min 1d6. Choose the highest die result.

6: Yes, and gain an advantage or create an event.
4-5: Yes, but an event may be set in motion or an oncoming event takes effect.
1-3: No, and an event takes place or a future event may be created.

Make a move: should you write down moves as they arise?

Events: take possible outcomes of a failed action and choose one or offer choices to the player. Maybe use some moves from other sources for inspiration.

[:60] [:45] [:30] [:15] [:10] [:05] [--:--]
Minutes to Midnight: everyone begins at 60 minutes from midnight. Suffering harm moves you closer. Can you resist harm? Does armor reduce harm? How fast do you heal? Ask your table.

Harm: 0-harm, non-lethal or minor damage; 6-harm, kills a human outright. Where do weapons go along this scale?

Waypoints: The outcome of a session or multiple sessions may also be a waypoint. Fulfilling a personal or campaign waypoint, choose one: make a mark, redefine an existing mark, discover a new mark.

And some sample characters to experiment on:

Vincent Landry
Arcane Gunslinger: bound spirit (napana, fire and mirrors), conditioned reflexes, implanted smart-link, noram thunderbird mk i (2-harm, close, loud, piercing), patient marksman, stasis round

Wendy Byrne
New Age Fox: bound spirit (delanach, storms and wind), long distance runner, new age tech ocular implants mk ii, noram thunderbird mk ii (2-harm, close, loud, piercing), opportunity strikes, perceptive intuition

Fetu Kahale
New Age Ghost: elegant hacker, ghost in the machine, implanted electronic defenses, imposing physique, steady stream of income, unrepentant tinker

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