Sunday, February 11, 2018

Tiny Frontiers: Laneira #0

I really like Gallant Knight Games Tinyd6 system. However, like M20, it produces binary results. As seen in the combat posts, binary results can lead to some boring narration when both sides swing ineffectually at each other. I'm introducing one minor change, and that's the result chart from Waypoints. Just about everything else comes from Tiny Dungeon 2E, Tiny Frontiers, and Tiny Frontiers: Mecha and Monsters.

Image from the Elder Scrolls Online

Laneira, Commander of the 1st Defense Squadron

Starborn Sidhe Pilot: born to fly, charismatic, kinetic manipulator, opportunist, sneaky, vigilant, xeno hunter

6 HP, light ranged weapon proficiency (gauss pistol mastery)

Image from Robotech Reference Guide

Touch of Passing Breath, Striker Class Mech “Predator's Sting”

agile dodge, energy blade, flight engines, main cannon, reinforced materials, transformation core

In fighter configuration, the energy blade becomes rapid fire lasers.

10 Structure, 10 Fuel

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