Monday, October 16, 2017

Arcadius: Season 1, Episode 1

First, Arcadius actually survived the three rooms. Second, the random encounters definitely assisted, which was kind of interesting. Before I send him into the pit, I need to figure out how his "party" will function.

Arcadius, 1st level Magic-User

STR 11
INT 14
WIS 09
CON 10
DEX 07
CHA 11

HP 3 / 3
BHB +0
Save 15 (+2 vs magic)


HAND staff (1d6)
HAND lantern
BELT 2 daggers (1d6-1)
BELT pouch of 120 gold
BELT waterskin

PACK bedroll
PACK crowbar
PACK flint and steel
PACK (24) iron spikes
PACK (2) pints of oil
PACK (14) rations
PACK rope
PACK spellbook

SPELL Detect Magic

First Vasilis then Ophira. There was something ominous happening at the temple on top of the hill. Arcadius walked up toward the double door, his staff striking the ground every other step. Charred remains lay in front of a pedestal that held a thick book with thin stone pages.

His staff prodded the remains, pushing bone aside, and he stooped to examine what he found. A small handful of coins, which he pocketed, a suit of mail, which he ignored, shield, xiphos and iron spikes. Arcadius took the spikes then decided to stow the mail and xiphos for possible sale back in town. It would be wasteful to leave it lying about.

Arcadius lit a torch and made his way passed the white and gold marble columns. The door was pushed wide open and a corridor led to the west which was as wide as six people walking side by side.

[GM rolls wandering monster: 5, 1]
[GM rolls for creature type: rare construct, dying, good alignment, friendly, solitary, man sized, distance: 100’]
[GM rolls for surprise: construct, no; Arcadius, yes]

Halfway down the corridor, he was surprised to hear the sound of metal striking stone. It had a strange gait to it, almost shuffling. A metallic construct plodded toward him, the dim light of his torch reflect dully from its brass carapace. It resembled a four legged spider, one of its legs trailed behind it. The construct stopped within a short distance from Arcadius and seemed to tilt to one side as if studying the young mage. He was uncertain if the thing could be repaired. Perhaps if he found a manual of some sort.

The thing turned and began its slow plodding walk back the way it had come. Arcadius followed it. The two made it into an expansive chamber lined with marble pillars and statues that looked like twenty foot tall stocky warriors. Each held an axe which was placed solidly into the pedestal. The construct continued west.

[GM rolls wandering monsters: 1, 5]
[GM rolls for creature type: rare construct, traveling, neutral, aggressive, 5 appearing, man sized, distance: 60’]
[GM rolls for surprise: constructs, yes; Arcadius, no]

Down this corridor, the torch light revealed more metal objects barring his way. The first construct stepped halfway between the mage and the others; the five looked much like the first, save their four legs were edged and came to sharp points. The hall filled with high pitched metallic noise as the five turned and focused on Arcadius.

[GM note: As Arcadius was fortunate enough to get a friendly encounter with the first construct, I changed the encounter into a form of parlay weighted in favor of Arcadius.]

The five constructs marched forward menacingly, but the lone custodian barred their path. The six of them stood in the corridor, silent and unmoving. Some form of communication passed between them as the six turned toward Arcadius then marched single file down the wide corridor.

The party emerged into another chamber with a single altar at the center. Another towering burly statue, armed with a maul, dominated the room. Beyond the statue, a gaping pit lined in bruised black and purple fungus grew. Ophira lay between a set of mushrooms with tendrils waving gently in the air.

[GM sets fungus hit points to 1, 5, 5]
[GM sets construct hit points to 1, 2, 2, 3, 4, 6]
[GM rolls initiative: fungus, 5; constructs, 6]
[Player rolls initiative: 3]
[GM rolls attacks: 18, 11, 6, 7, 10, 7]
[GM rolls damage: 1, 1, 5]
[GM rolls attack: 13]
[Player rolls attack: 11]
[Player rolls damage: 1]

The six automatons march forward and step amongst the fungus. The plodding wounded construct crushes one beneath its appendage. Two of the bladed legs crush one more beneath its weight, while another cuts a furrow into the remaining mushroom. The mushroom flails its tendrils at its attacker, but the brass plating easily deflects the attack. Arcadius walks into the fray and swings his staff into the fungus, sending a small portion into the air.

[GM rolls attacks: 17]
[GM rolls damage: 5]

The plodding automaton spins ponderously then walks over to the fungus Arcadius had just struck. Its brass leg stomps down and ends its life. The six turn and face Arcadius, silently watching him.

He eyed the corpse of Ophira and considered his options. On the one hand, taking her belongings could be sacrilegious, but she also didn’t have any further use for them. He took the coins from her pouch and discovered she had a lantern and oil; a much better option than the bundle of torches he carried. Arcadius discarded the xiphos and bundled her mail into his pack. It was heavy, and he would need to get rid of some of the weight.

Arcadius looked at his new found friends and pondered what to do with them. As he lit another torch and walked back the way he had come, the six followed him. Curious. Perhaps he would be able to find someone that could repair the one with damaged leg. Perhaps he could venture further into the pit with a set of minions. Perhaps...

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