Friday, October 13, 2017

Vasilis: Season 1, Episode 1

I just downloaded the pre-release document for Swords & Wizardry Continual Light and was inspired to give it a quick play through. All in all, I really like what it has to offer. Also, it stops levelling exactly where I prefer to: level 7. As usual, I used The Perilous Wilds to generate the dungeon, not that there was much dungeon generation to be made...

Season 1, Episode 1:

Small clouds of dust lifted from his booted footsteps as he reached the top of the slope. Vasilis took a moment to pause and reflect on his journey. He had often wondered who had constructed the old temple at the top of the hill. Unfortunately, he had always been warned against visiting it when he was younger. It was a place of dark and vicious spirits.

Not to be deterred, years later, he collected his meager belongings and thought he would see for himself. These were his first steps toward independence and adventure. Vasilis didn’t have much, but he was familiar with the use of a sword and shield. His body was protected by a suit of mail, and his pack had the tools he would need to survive in the wilds. For a little while.

What greeted him were white stone columns that seemed touched by gold. They rose to just under three times his height and supported the red stone hill like a natural ceiling. Behind the pillars were statues of the same stone. Tall, like the columns, and wider than a proper person would be sculpted. The statues had long flowing beards carved into them, battle axes resting upon the pedestal. Solemn. Armored. Waiting.

Set in front of the large double doors, a pedestal of marble lay in the central position. Placed upon it was a book with pages made of what appeared to be thin sheets of stone. His fingers gently lifted the pages, skimming the indecipherable text, when he heard the distinct sound of a crossbow being discharged.

[Player rolls save: 3]
[GM rolls damage: 6]

Vasilis turned in time to see the crossbow above the double doors, somehow designed to fire on its own. The bolt punched through his mail and pierced his lung. Vasilis crumpled against the stone pedestal, a warning to future adventurers.

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