Friday, April 6, 2018

Quill: Forgotten Future #1

Using the PWYW game Tiny Details as a paragraph and word count guide, Quill and Tarot results from Tangent Zero, Zero Tarot, I generated a quick module with playthrough. Initially, it was to be 500 words, but I wanted to constrain myself to the five paragraphs Quill uses.

Word count goal: 300 not including preamble.

The Order of Knights Apparatus are monastic caretakers of dying technology. After The Pulse, higher grade machinery faltered. Failed. Only a dedicated few could maintain what was left or search the country for lost tech.

Knights Apparatus have excellent penmanship, as they're forced to rewrite discovered documents, a strong command of language, but rarely embellish their writing to avoid confusion.

Penmanship Good
Language Average
Heart Poor
Upgrade Inspiring Words: Once per letter, gain +1 dice during a Heart test.


This message will be delivered to Brother McConnell, the archivist in the local chapter of the Order. This is a field update regarding the discovery of some lost technology, to which you were assigned to recover.


Fool began / embarked
Tower brokedown / dissolved
Emperor control / discipline
Star peace / unity
Hanged Man weak / vulnerable
Devil fought / confronted
Lovers feelings / relationship
Strength brave / courageous
Death changed / transformed

-- THE POOL --

Chariot enthusiastic / ambitious
Hermit calm / patient
Hierophant teacher / advisor

Brother McConnell,

As I embarked on this journey to obtain the artifact, I realized just how rare these objects were. This weapon could bring safety for the town surrounding our Order. Unfortunately, it seems, we are not the only ones looking to history to save the world. I came across this new group during the journey.

/ +1 point for embarked, +1 point for paragraph /

It took a measure of discipline to stay hidden while someone else collected the weapon. He was a scavenger, a mercenary, and had little respect for what they took. While I watched, a feral large cat sprung from hiding and jumped on his back. The mercenary and large cat wrestled, the cat’s claws raked through his clothing and opened terrible wounds.

/ +1 point for discipline, +1 point for paragraph /

I stepped from the shadows, shouting to scare off the cat with my pistol drawn. The scavenger was weak and could barely fight off the creature. Hearing another behind it, the cat rushed off through a ruined alley. I stared after it, keeping an eye on the alley, then turned back to the man.

/ no points scored /

The stranger was startled to find he wasn't alone. I confronted him, pistol pointed at his chest, and offered a trade: the weapon for his life. He chose to accept the trade but warned that Jasmin, presumably his boss, would be angered to hear of this trespass. He walked away, leaving the weapon behind, leaving me to wonder who this Jasmin is.

/ +1 point for confronted, +1 point for paragraph /

Learning that there are others similar to our Order has left me transformed. Not because there is competition, but because there are others that seek history. This weapon, this plasma launcher, may mean safety and protection should anything untoward come of this encounter. It is my hope that this weapon will not be used against this, or these, new Order.

/ +1 point for transformed, +1 point for paragraph /

  • Séverin

Final score: 8, 330 words.

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