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Storm of Ashes: Session 1, Scene 1

Series Name Storm of Ashes
Season 1
Series Premise A medieval world populated by lost undead souls cursed to be reborn at the cold ashen remains of pyres.

Current Issue Path of Redemption
Face of Redemption Aurora Bianchi
Place of Interest Cathedral of the First Flame

Impending Issue A Storm King’s Fury
Face of Fury Tiberius the Thundering Echo
Place of Interest Deva Fulmen, the Royal Palace

Series Name Storm of Ashes
Episode Title The Quiet Ember and the Casket of Starlit Strands
Season 1 Episode 1

When does the episode take place?
Rough equivalent to 14th century Europe

Where does this episode take place?
Mount Claustra

What do we know about the setting?
Similar to 14th century Europe, drawing inspiration from Italy and the Roman empire. The entire population is undead, reborn when the pyres are rekindled.

Setting Synopsis

Using the Aladdin Technique with the Dungeon World Adventure Builder, Story Cubes, Story Cubes: Actions, Story Cubes: Fantasia and Story Cubes: Fright, the synopsis becomes:

The character is exploring a ruined tower that lies atop Mount Claustra seeking the throne of an ancient ruler. The character is here to steal The Casket of Starlit Strands guarded by the restless dead and forgotten beasts. Whose manic laughter echoes from the throne room?

Using Fate Accelerated for character creation with Aspects flavored by Spirit of the Century and the Phase Trio of Fate Core:

Name Chiara the Quiet Ember
High Concept Seer of Burning Chaos
Trouble The Cycle Must End

The Quiet Ember and The Scar of Roiling Flame
Phase One Everything Burns...

+3 Forceful
+2 Flashy, Quick
+1 Clever, Sneaky
+0 Careful

Stunt Because I wield The Scar of Roiling Flame, I get a +2 to flashily create an advantage when I am in close combat.

Stress [1] [2] [3]

Using 9Qs with a variety of Story Cubes: Before a closed portcullis, an undead champion takes aggressive action against Chiara.

Too Close to Touch, Burn

Trapped in eternal twilight, the overcast sky is littered with dark clouds. On the slopes of Mount Claustra, the sun is hidden and its light muted. A dirt road leads from the edge of a cliff that overlooks crashing waves to the looming gate of a ruined tower. The tower’s name lost centuries ago, it is just The Howling Tower of Claustra. Entry to The Howling Tower is guarded by Corin the Butcher.

Corin the Butcher has stood before the gates of The Howling Tower almost as long as its forgotten history. Few have tried to fight him, intimidated by the scattered skulls and broken bones that litter the ground around him. His reputation founded on the immense blade he wields in his plated fists. Corin’s ornamented plate armor, visor concealing everything but the glow of his undead gaze, is dark and stained with old blood.

The dead coal of a forgotten fire smolders and begins to glow. Smoke drifts toward the sky as a flame springs to life. The remnant of a forgotten pyre burns, heating the rusted sword left behind ages ago. Embers drift on the wind and the fire cracks, announcing Chiara’s arrival.

Chiara seeps into the world. Leather boots, gloves and top the color of char embroidered with silver, reminiscent of the desert sorceresses. Her skirt and deep hood dyed to match, white hair peeking from the depths of the cowl. She held a targe in one hand, the other available to fetch her dagger or her prized possession The Scar of Roiling Flame. The Scar, a cusped falchion with a blade like molten metal, served as a physical catalyst between her and the pyromancy she channelled.

The Butcher glowers at the materializing form, eyes burning a dull angry red. He reaches for the long sword leaning against the stone wall, the blade alone reaching four feet in length. Corin marches down the dirt road, plates rattling against each other. As he approaches Chiara, his gauntleted fists grabs the hilt and prepares for battle. The open cliff behind her, rock walls bordering the road, Chiara must decide: jump to the waves below or face her armored opponent.

Corin the Butcher
Guardian of The Howling Tower
+3 Forceful
+2 Careful, Flashy
+1 Clever, Quick
+0 Sneaky
Stress [1] [2] [3]

Chiara Cleverly Creates an Advantage opposed by Corin’s Careful Approach.  Result: +3 vs. +2. Corin gains the “Unarmored Throat” Aspect.

Chiara Quickly Defends against Corin’s Forceful Approach. Result: +5 vs. +3.

Chiara watches her opponent warily, pulling the burning blade free. The wind tears fingers of fire from the sword. She watches for an opening, some weakness in the metal shell Corin wears. The largest gap she spies is at his throat between the helmet and breastplate.

The Butcher charges forward and tries to use his mass to knock Chiara to the ground. She deftly sidesteps. The two combatants circle around the burning fire.

Chiara Flashily Creates an Advantage with The Scar opposed by Corin’s Quick Approach. Result: +3 vs. +1 and expends one fate point to invoke “Seer of Burning Chaos” for +2. Chiara gains the “Fuel the Inner Flame” Aspect with two free invokes.

Chiara Quickly Defends against Corin’s Forceful Approach. Result: +2 vs. +3. Chiara marks 1 Stress.

The pyromancer reaches toward the burning flames and pulls on them with invisible chains. The Scar flares with power, adding tethers of its own to Chiara’s effort. Streams of fire snake along the falchion and trace curving energetic lines along her arms.

Corin’s longsword sweeps heavily through the air, Chiara barely avoiding the attack from the undead knight. She ducks beneath the swing and gracefully circles around the fire.

Chiara Forcefully Attacks opposed by Corin’s Forceful Approach. Result: +1 vs. +3 and uses the free invoke of “Unarmored Throat” with the two free invokes of “Fuel the Inner Flame” for +6. Chiara expends one fate point to invoke “Everything Burns…” for +2. Corin marks 6 Stress.

Corin concedes.

Chiara steps around the flames and lunges at the unarmored portion of Corin’s throat. The snaking energy surge from her arms and along The Scar, extending its reach with a talon of scorching fire. The flaming lance pierces The Butcher’s neck, scoring a wound that emerges through the other side.

The Butcher stops. His longsword dips to the ground, its point driving into the earth beside Chiara. Corin’s head hangs loosely atop The Scar, its molten blade scorching the visored helm. He heaves a long, agonized breath and slowly turns to flakes of ash blown by the wind.

Julia Westlin, Zombie (Acapella cover)

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