Saturday, September 5, 2020

Another Character Creation : HeroQuest Rokugan

Working off my previous thoughts, I've considered trying a Legend of the Five Rings character filtered through Sengoku while I read through GURPS Greece. I've played in L5R for a long while, so I'm more comfortable with it than Glorantha. The character below is basically a Dragon Clan Samurai with quotes from Mirumoto attached to give it flavor.

"One Man, One Sword, One Strike," was said by Kakita before Mirumoto replied, "Two hands." Thus, the invention of the Dragon's niten (two swords) technique.

"If he attacks first, kill him, etc." is a good call back to the card Kharmic Strike. In a duel, you win. You may die, but you take your opponent with you.

"I do not believe I can win. I know I will." is another good Mirumoto inspired quote. You can't doubt. You can win, or you can die.

For my three "Runes" I chose the Four Heavenly Kings from Buddhism and Amaterasu (Lady Sun in L5R). I finished it off with the Tao of Shinsei because it seemed fitting for a Dragon Clan bushi. Now, do these three Runes have actual, manifesting powers? Probably not. It's the conviction that matters. But, who knows...?

Hoshi Yonagi, Tempestuous Sohei

13 Dragon Clan Bushi

+2 "One Man, One Sword, One Strike... Two Hands."

+2 "If he attacks first, kill him. If you attack first, kill him. If you both attack at once, kill him."

15 Defender of the Northern Towers of Flame

17 Sohei

+2 "I do not believe I can win. I know I will."

17 Tempestuous

1M1 Shi Daitennou, The Four Heavenly Kings

17 Tao of Shinsei

+2 "Do not be deceived by the surface."

+2 "What you do not show..."

13 Amaterasu

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