Tuesday, September 22, 2020

More Character Creation : QuestWorlds D&D

I've been awake too long, but this came to me out of the blue. I've been playing Simple World with Fate Accelerated style Approaches. QuestWorlds says Abilities are how a character solves a problem, which, as I've been playing, are Approaches. So what happens when you take ability scores and turn them into Approaches then make them Abilities? Below is a D&D character translated through Simple Worlds then QuestWorlds. She was surprisingly easy : six ability scores, race, class, distinguishing personality trait then three class abilities. I also made her alignment a Flaw because, well, adhering to an Alignment is kind of a compulsion, isn't it?

There is just a bit of Greek, too. The Thorakitai were a hybrid of hoplite and skirmisher. Akontio is javelin; dory and hoplon is spear and shield. "The Revelations of Demeter" is Amynta's spellbook because, as taken from Dawn of the Empire's Player's Guide to Thyatis, some elves taught humans how to do magic while wearing armor. These are the Foresters.

In keeping with my initial thoughts on QuestWorlds, every five points in a class is one character level, so that translates Amynta into a, roughly, fifth level character. As a fifth level character, she begins with two first, two second and one third level spell. And so... classic D&D filtered through Simple World double filtered into QuestWorlds.

This is kind of fun...

Amynta, Intuitive Thorakitai

13 Thyatian

5M1 Thorakitai

..:: +2 Akontio

..:: +3 Dory and Hoplon

..:: +2 The Revelations of Demeter

....:::: Spells Known : Charm Person, Detect Evil, Hold Person, Invisibility, Read Magic

17 Intuitive

15 Strength

15 Dexterity

13 Constitution

17 Intelligence

13 Wisdom

13 Charisma

5M1 Flaw : Lawful

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