Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Solo Gaming Appreciation Month #10

Time for something a little different. Vincent first made an appearance back in April using World of Dungeons, World of Dungeons Turbo: Breakers, Apocalypse World and World of Shadows. Wendy appears in November using Forthright. Now, to convert them over to the soon to be released Tiny Dungeon, Second Edition with a splash of Tiny Frontiers and a tiny bit of personalization to cover what isn’t available in either document.

Vincent Landry, Arcane Gunslinger
Vincent has expressionless brown eyes and auburn military hair. Casual denim jeans and dark short sleeve shirt is his usual style, often worn with a heavy jacket when he goes hunting. Though retired from the infantry, he has kept himself physically active.
  • Cyborg (Smart-Link): Gain Advantage when using any Smart weapon
  • Marksman
  • Quick Shot
  • Summoner: You can summon spirits with power over two domains and begin play with one bound to you.
Spirits known: Napana (Fire and Mirrors)

Wendy Byrne, New Age Fox
Wendy preserved her royal blue eyes even though they are actually New Age Technologies Ocular Implant Mk IIs. Her hair is a shaved bob of platinum. She wears denim with a close fitting shirt and a Pacific Protection ballistic jacket. Though she bears the swept ears of an elf, she has a medium build and average height for a human woman.
  • Cyborg (Dark Vision): NAT Mk II Implant
  • Opportunist
  • Summoner
  • Vigilant
Spirits known: Delanach (Wind and Storms)

Fetu Kahale, New Age Ghost
Fetu features the black hair and dark eyes of his heritage. His clothing is sporadic and fluctuates with the times. Fetu spends his time creating new Virtual Interface Unit software when he isn’t playing Ghost for Wendy.
  • Cyborg (E-Defenses)
  • Ghost in the Machine
  • Hacker
  • Tough

Scene 1:

“Delanach?” Vince asks, the crystal azure glow of the silver sigils fading into the brown carpeted floor. “That’s the name it said to you?”

Wendy nods with beads of sweat trickling down the sides of her face. “Yes. The silver thread is Delanach.”

“Then ask to bind her to something,” he said, gruff as was his demeanor.

“The Mark II,” Wendy replies, reaching out for it.

As the Thunderbird drew nearer, the tendril of silver lightning reached out. A small sliver whipped out and inscribed runes along the slide of the .50 caliber pistol; it glowed electric blue against the black plastic slide. Wendy seemed hopeful and hesitant.

The silver tendril hovered above the Thunderbird, thunderclaps echoing in miniature. Then it evaporated with just a scent of ozone remaining in the air. Wendy glanced down, touching the pistol, and the azure runes lit in recognition.

“That has to be it,” she said, nearing frustration.

“It could be,” Vince responded. “Can you call to it?”

Wendy whispered, “Delanach,” and the runes flared to electric life. “I think that’s a yes.”

Vince smiled in spite of himself, trying to maintain a serious demeanor, “Then we’ll just have to throw you to the wolves,” he said.

“Ay! What ‘bout me?” asked Fetu, barging into the room.

“Haven’t had a need for a Ghost,” Vince replied. “You sure?” he asks Wendy.

Wendy nods, “He’s saved my life more than once.”

Vincent simply shook his head, “Back in my day… Never had a Ghost. Alright, Ghost, you sit over there,” he says, pointing at a bank of terminals. “You keep Wendy safe.”

“Ay,” says Fetu, “D is always safe wit’ me, yeah?”

Wendy seemed uncertain. “I trust you, Fetu, but this,” and she looks down at her enchanted Thunderbird. “How do I know?”

Vince shrugged. “The spirits do as they will. Did you piss it off? Made it distrust you?”


“Then you should be fine.”

Wendy rolls her eyes. “Should be. Thanks. Why can’t I just shoot things with bullets?”

“Because some things are immune to bullets.”

Fetu cuts in, “Ay, we got something at the EMP. You against MS or what?”

“No,” Wendy cuts in. “What do you have?”

“You know how that guy had the other guy’s Codex fo’ show? I think something is tryna take it.”

Vincent scowled, “Someone’s trying to take the Codex?”

“That’s what I said.”

“You ready for some work, D?” asked Vince.

Wendy returned his scowl playfully, “If I can stop messing with spirits? Yes. What’s an EMP?”

“Experience Music Project. Should be simple, but…”

Wendy sighs. “But I bet there’s pumpkin orange and black oil slicks just waiting to meet us…”

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