Sunday, November 5, 2017

Solo Gaming Appreciation Month #5

The Empress: Hm. It looks like a new beginning, a friend that needs guidance, and healing. Feels like conflict.

Scene 3:

Are there voices ahead?

Loom of Fate result: To conflict, 51. Yes… Surge Count: +2

Ahead, Wendy hears a pair of voices. She approaches a junction where three other tunnels meet, a drain guides four rivulets of water down further into the ground. The two voices mutter in aggressive whispers and seem to come from the corridor to the right.

Wendy presses up against the wall and creeps closer to listen.

One of the voices can be heard saying, “... Fetu’s. I’m sure it’s just up this way.”

Another voice replies, “Ya sure we should be doing this? The money’s good, but…”

The first voice responds, “Look, we break in, take some tech, and it’ll work out fine.”

Wendy smiles and pulls her NorAm Thunderbird from her leg. Someone wants to mess with Fetu? We’ll see about that.

Player rolls for stealth: 12, Exchange

“Did you see that?” asks the second voice.


“I thought I saw some light over there.”

Wendy tenses and crouches down against the wall, her pistol held at her side and left hand open in case she needs extra help. She waits for them to come around the corner and investigate.

The pair shuffle forward with soft scrapes against the concrete floor. They’re slower, alert. One of them appears at the corner, a knife held ready.

Mob of 2 Thugs: +3 Fight, +0 Talk, +0 Skill, 20 Luck, 1d6 Harm

Wendy rises up from her crouch, positioning the first thug between her and the second. The Thunderbird comes up toward the man’s chest as she pulls the trigger.

Player rolls for combat: 15, Win. 4 Harm.

“Shit!” the target exclaims, twisting desperately to the side as a .50 caliber bullet erupts from the pistol. The bullet pierces through clothing and burrows into the wall behind him.

Thugs roll for combat: 12, Exchange. 5 Harm. Counterattack, 3 Harm.

The one armed with the knife steps to the side out of surprise, allowing the second opponent an opportunity to attack with his own pistol. It looks smaller than the Thunderbird, a little less deadly. The gun fires and sails past her shoulder.

Wendy recovers from her sidestep and counters by pressing forward. A discharge of powerful static rips from her hand at the second man, a line of energy scorching the wall behind him.

Player rolls for combat: 14, Exchange. 4 Harm. Counterattack, 4 Harm.

Her fist crackles with energy and comes across in a hook at the first man’s face.

The fist strikes against the thug’s head causing him to reel against the wall. The other thug’s pistol barks again and sends another bullet past her torso.

Thugs roll for combat: 4, Setback. Counterattack, 10 Harm.

The knife wielding thug lunges forward from the wall, but his attack is wide and leaves him thoroughly exposed.

Wendy’s jaw clenches with determination, her NAT enhanced vision plotting lines of crossing and momentum. Her free hand pushes the knife into the chest of the pistol wielding thug. The muzzle of the Thunderbird rests gently against the side of the first thug’s head.

A sharp report from the pistol sends a .50 caliber bullet through the man’s skull, spraying bone fragments against his friend. While the second man recovers from the knife wound, she grabs his chin in a cybernetic hand.

“You don’t mess with Fetu, ‘k?” she says before unleashing a torrent of lightning through his head.

She reaches down and searches the bodies, grabbing their wrist communicators. Fetu might be able to decipher who sent them and why if they didn’t delete that information.

The knife is pretty basic, and the pistol is also from NorAm, a Reliant, a common civilian firearm.

Loom of Fate: To knowledge, 62. Yes… Surge Count: +4.

Between the two of them, they have a few Kilobytes of currency on their cards.

Next scene: The Tower.

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