Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Solo Gaming Appreciation Month #2

Previously, I used Instant Game to generate a setting and the first story seeds. Now, it’s time to use Forthright to generate the setting guidelines (the Gamescape) and a character.

The game is called “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.” It’s kind of like what happens when science fantasy and Cyberpunk meet Dark City, Equilibrium, Ultraviolet and Advent Children levels of wuxia.

How does the wilderness, frontier and artificial intelligence results work into the Gamescape?

That Dark City reference. The environment reshapes itself after 16 hours. Right now, it’s a futuristic village in the middle of a woodland.

Do elves exist, then?

In a manner of speaking. When the New Age began, there were some people marked with pointed ears as being ageless. Since it’s only been 28 years since all this began, there’s no evidence they’re actually ageless.

Dwarves? Dragons? Demons?

Yes. Yes. Maybe…?

Science fantasy cyberpunk. So, an augmented elven mage is possible.


What happened 28 years ago?

2069, a hundred years after the first lunar landing, it was finally proved, with strong supporting evidence, that it was faked. The technology, that is. The US went to the moon through a translocation ritual then were told not to do it again. The problem with secrets: what happens if another group succeeds without knowing not to do it?

And things hit the fan.

Once the ritual was completed, the backlash flooded Earth and altered it. Landscapes changed, magic washed through the world and here we are. Anyone born after 2069 is referred to as a New Ager; pre-2069 people are Old People. With the world going haywire, three underground classifications were created: Whiskeys refer to people that do the hiring; Tangos are the bad folk that antagonize the general populace; and Foxtrots (foxes) are who Whiskeys hire to do their dirty work.

And the thing on the moon?

Cthulhu. Demogorgon. Aliens. Nazis. No one is sure anymore.

Hm. Looking over the ranking of Combat, Intrigue and Mystery, I’m not too fond of Intrigue, so…

Combat: 1st, Mystery: 2nd and Intrigue: 3rd.

Odd result, female character; even result, male.

1, female

I’ll make Wendy Byrne, augmented elven mage.


Are elves human sized, short like early D&D or tall like Tolkien?

Human sized.

Average height for a human female, then. CDC says that’s 5’4. Medium build. Shaved bob of platinum hair. Some kind of blue eyes.

Technically, if she’s augmented, it could be any eye color.

Solid black might be too otherworldly. I’ll stick with #4169E1, Royal Blue.


First, discover the purpose and issue with the artificial intelligence.
Second, figure out who the Whiskeys are and where they come from.


+2 Fight, +0 Talk and +1 Skill. Wendy has 30 Luck. Since this setting is influenced by Equilibrium and Ultraviolet, I’ll choose to begin with the Juggernaut fighting stance. Agent Persona with the Foxtrots and the Athlete Skillset.

Her three Boosts are: Darkvision (New Age Technologies Ocular Implant Mk II), Retaliate and Elemental Control (Lightning)

She has one dependable friend, Fetu, that also runs the local Virtual Interface Unit arcade. Her sanctuary is a coffin at the, usually, local hotel.

Next, session 1...

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