Saturday, October 24, 2020

Building Upon Mythraelai, Raven Grey...

Seven days before Halloween, and I am still picking Descriptors apart. I pulled together pieces of Masque of the Red Death, the unofficial Masque of the Red Death Player's Guide for 5th edition, Bloodborne and Dark Souls to make a setting that feels more comfortable. Comfortable. Relatable. Either word comes across wrong for some.

The Grey Raven, Uncertain Hexblade : cautious, determined, intimidating, resistant

Raven’s hair is burnt umber; her eyes are a grass green, all concealed under the shadow of a tricorne. Years of unending fighting has kept her athletic and perpetually wary. Beneath the dark leather duster, her affluent Victorian clothes seem coated with a layer of ash. The Edge of Eternity, the signature blade granted by The Raven Queen, hides in the space between worlds.

Borrowing from the Ethanol Pop setting in Descriptors, Raven can trade one adjective for two consumables to represent the Warlock spells and invocations at her disposal. My initial thought is that casting a spell requires bidding two adjectives to represent the Dark Powers check from Masque of the Red Death. Failing to bid two adjectives means the spell takes effect, and The Dark Powers notice. Incorporating the Unearthed Arcana Arcane Gunslinger Invocation, Raven can conjure a sword or a pistol as needed but never both.

Opening : Skarlett Riot, Feel

"We did it," Laneira whispers.

I glance up from my seat at the Virtual Interface Unit. Laneira and Vince are across the room sitting on a couch; her head rests on his shoulder.

"She did it," Vince replies. "I had to learn to let go, and I..."

And I couldn't do it. They think I can't hear them. I shake my head, donning the helm and activating the VIU interface. I... couldn't do it. I couldn't shatter Eternity and lose them. Silly, isn't it? That the product of a piece of software in this in-betw-

"You 'k?" Fetu asks over the VIU's communications.

A smirk dances across my lips, reminiscing about a book I have never actually read, "Always."

My vision flares to life as the neural interface injects itself into my perceptions then turns to shadow. For the briefest moment, I am alone. In darkness. In silence. Nothing external. Just... me.

Closing : AmaLee, Brave Shine

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