Friday, October 9, 2020

Rewrite of Amynta for Freeform Universal

With this being October, it was time to transition into more festive gaming. The beta for Freeform Universal 2 was released on the 5th, so I naturally want to give it a try. Since Amynta was already available and hasn't started anything yet, I translated the translation from QuestWorlds to FU2 by, basically, just using the Abilities and filing off the score.

As far as her setting goes, I'm inspired by the Fate World of Adventure Eagle Eyes. Eagle Eyes is set in Rome, but I brought the timeline forward a bit to match the (more or less?) historical time period of Thyatis: the late Byzantine era. GURPS Constantinople, Horror and Cabal will factor into the game at some point, of course. But it's still set in Mystara. I just want a more historical Mystara, which sounds really weird now that I typed it out, but, there you have it.


Amynta is a Thyatian Forester. She has been trained in archery, fights with kite shield, sword and spear, and learned The Revelations of Artemis. Her Lawful nature can sometimes cause problems. However, she believes to dishonor herself is to dishonor her clan.

The Revelations of Artemis allows Amynta to cast each spell inscribed in her spellbook once per day. The spells written are: Charm Person, Detect Evil, Hold Person, Invisibility, Read Magic.

Her russet hair is tied into a Psyche knot, and her brown eyes are hardened from years of combat before joining the Eagles. Amynta has an average build since being transferred from soldier to investigator. The clothing beneath her mail shirt is plain and functional, light tunic with dark trousers accompanied by boots in place of sandals.

Drama Points [ ] [ ] [ ]

[:45] [:30] [:15] [:10] [:05] [--:--]

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