Sunday, March 4, 2018

Dresden Files Accelerated, The Veil and Star Wars

I think the plan is to use Dresden Files Accelerated as the core rules for chapter two. Inspired by City of Mist, I’ll create a Mantle that reflects the Mythos of Fate and Probability. Everything else will be fairly by the Fate book. I won't spoil chapter two just yet.

However, I enjoy the idea of Mantles and The Veil’s take on using emotions as Approaches. Which got me thinking on a Fate Accelerated hack using Mantles and emotions for Star Wars. Play it as Fate but tick a box for each use of an emotion with an action. And that's when The Veil steps in:

The six Approaches are inspired by the Jedi Code and Yoda. Peace, Compassion and Unity form the three light side Approaches; Knowledge isn't an emotion but understanding, hence Compassion, is. Harmony and Serenity are basically peace, so I chose Unity to evoke camaraderie. Fear, Anger and Hatred are the three dark side Approaches because “Fear leads to Anger; Anger leads to Hate; and Hate leads to Suffering.”

Now we flip back to Mantles. Specifically, The Force Sensitive. Ambiguous because there's many ways to use the Force, but there's one universal Aspect: The Dark Side.

[1] [1] [1] Corruption: Each time Fear, Anger or Hatred becomes your emotional State, mark one box of Corruption. Recover one box of Corruption between sessions if your character had the opportunity to meditate or seek counsel.

[ ] Lured to the Dark (lasting): Mark this Condition after all three Corruption boxes are checked and recover all Corruption boxes. Your character is one step closer to the Dark Side. Any action resolved with Fear, Anger or Hatred gains +1; any action resolved with Peace, Compassion or Unity suffers -2. Clear this Condition after a session where all actions were resolved only through Peace, Compassion or Unity.

[ ] Lost to the Dark Side (lasting): Mark this Condition after all three Corruption boxes are checked while your character has the Lured to the Dark Condition. Your character is now an NPC.

Core Stunts would be basic telekinesis and push. For the Jedi, I'd create something like:

Synergistic Flow: You can invoke another Jedi’s Synergistic Flow. The first invoke is free.

I'd also rename it to something more evocative.

That represents what you see on screen, such as the Battle of Geonosis where a small group of Jedi can fight an arena full of minions. And also why Obi-Wan gets annoyed when Anakin just jumps out of the sky car, breaking the flow state.

Also, there is no Condition for being a good Jedi. I don't think Star Wars is about that. Like, being one with The Force is just the way it's supposed to be; it's the lure of the Dark Side you have to watch out for.

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