Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Core: Session 5

Laneira (after scene 4)
Mantle: Probability Engine
High Concept: Avatar of the Probability Engine
Trouble: Can Transplanted Consciousness Feel?
Aspect: Delenn, Manifestation of Storms
Refresh: 1 / 3
Scale: Supernatural

+0 Flair
+3 Focus
+1 Force
+2 Guile
+1 Haste
+2 Intellect

Part of the System: As I am Part of the System, I can attack minor NPCs with Guile and get them to power down even in physical conflict.

Stress [1] [1] [1] [1] [1] [1]
In Peril [4]
Doomed [6]
Indebted [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Empowered [x] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Charged [ ]
Grounded [ ]

Agent Terrance, Subroutine with a Mission
Aspect: Designed to Hunt
+2 when Shooting or Hunting
-2 when Deceiving or using Guile
+2 when opposing Force or Flair
Stunt: Teleport across Zones as demanded by the Probability Engine
Stress [1] [1] [1] [1] [1] [1]
In Peril [4]“Phantom Power Music”, “Overpowered”)

Agent Terrance looks back at the room, “What's it gonna be?” he shouts. “Laneira just upped the time frame. Give up and don't get hurt or cower in the room so I can terminate.”


Laneira rolls Create an Advantage using Intellect and marks one box of Empowered against Difficulty +0. Result, +2 and adds Faster Than You Can Track to Terrance with one free Invoke.

Laneira rolls Overcome using Guile against Difficulty +2 to avoid detection. Result, +4.


“Wait here,” I tell the Sentry. My body flares with blue white light as I channel the current into the room where Sean is hiding. I feel a gentle pull, and I'm in the other room, crouching behind a table.

“Don't interfere,” Terrance warns. “You are a lower priority, but I still have instructions to take you in.”

A lower priority? I'm almost insulted.

“You're Sean?” I ask.

He nods. He seems young, though appearances can be deceiving. Auburn hair, green eyes and denim with a t shirt. Plain and dark.

“I get you out of this, you tell me where the key is,” I whisper.

He nods again. Terrance grows impatient. “Time's up, kid.”

“No,” I shout back. “You have orders to take this kid, dead or alive, but your secondary is to take me for Processing.”

Terrance pauses, “Yes.”

“Alive,” I stress. “You come in here, I fucking kill you, and there ain't shit you're going to do about it.”


Laneira rolls to Create an Advantage using Guile against Difficulty +1. Result, +5 and adds Growing Doubt to Terrance with two free Invokes.


The pause lengthens, everything coming to a halt.

“Tell you what. You leave, we leave and everything resets. Easy, right? Tell the System the target escaped, and you'll continue the hunt. Tell them that I interfered and you were outgunned and needed backup.”


Laneira rolls Attack using Guile against Difficulty +1. Laneira Invokes “Outnumbered,” “Faster Than You Can Track,” and “Growing Doubt,” result +11 and inflicts 10 Stress on Terrance.


“I don't know why he's so important,” Terrance responds. “You know as soon as I report in, you might become high priority.”

“Worth the risk.”

Terrance is surrounded by the light and vanishes. Sean and his Sentry converge in the room.

“Now. Tell me how to get the key back…”

System.close(“Colossal Trailer Music”, “Withering Bones”)

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