Saturday, March 17, 2018

Quill Zaibatsu #1

I've been reading a lot of good things about the pay what you want letter writing game Quill, and, still trying to Solo a Module, I figured I'd try Zaibatsu for a bit more cyberpunk gaming. Not sure if I converted it well, but I can see why people enjoy playing it. There's five missions left in Zaibatsu for me to poke at.

.: Decker :.

A hacker. They have access to portable computers with several cards for bypassing security and hiding from ICE. With a mind for programming, they have a good command of written language but merely average ability to compose their thoughts. Due to their underground reputation, Deckers suffer from poor credibility.

\\Composition: Average
\\Repertoire: Good
\\Credibility: Poor
++ Search and Replace: A Decker may roll Repertoire in place of another attribute up to three times per message.

.: Briefing :.
You are composing a message to your boss, Yamada. Haruna Biolabs received a threat earlier that day for 5,000,000¥ in exchange for the person’s silence regarding the release of a nerve agent in Osaka. The only evidence is a grainy still image from a camera across the street.

.: Available Attachments :.
bribe / blackmail
blow up / enhance
writer / journalist
threaten / interrogate
information / data card
bodies / carcasses
flat / apartment
explosive / grenade
killer / assassin
getaway / escape

.: Outcomes :.

//Less than 6 points: the message is delivered but the mission was unsuccessful. Worse, Haruna Biolabs pays the money as the data cards found their way to Makita. You are dead, either by an assassin’s hand or your own.

//6-9 points: the data card was recovered, but there's a new player acting behind the scenes. Yamada rewards you for your services. You may choose a level 1 asset next mission.

//10 or more points: the data card was recovered, and the assassin was sent by Makita. Yamada is pleased with this extra bit of information and rewards you well. You may choose a level 2 asset or two level 1 asset next mission.

.: Hoshi’s Message :.


The team was able to enhance the image you provided. The man was Buntowara, a reporter who discovered the secret behind the Osaka attack. It seems his goal was to extort money from Haruna Biolabs. Fortunately, the image showed him getting into a taxi from the Kamikaze Cab Company.

--+ +1 point from using enhance. +--

We visited the Kamikaze Cab Company. While the drivers were eating and not forthcoming with any information, Tsuyoi-san managed to coercively interrogate the dispatcher. The dispatcher was giving us Buntowara’s information just as the suspect burst from his cab and ran into a meat packing plant.

--+ +1 point for using interrogate. +0 from the flourish, using Search and Replace. +1 for composition. +--

Inside the meat plant, we encountered Buntowara. He thought he could hide behind frozen carcasses, but Shisen-kun, with her augmented vision, was able to spot him. Tsuyoi-san tackled him to the ground and retrieved some of the stolen data. The rest was located at his residence.

--+ +1 point for using carcasses. +0 from the flourish, using Search and Replace. +--

At this point, we went to Buntowara’s home. Unfortunately, we were caught by surprise when another man, Toritaka, threw a grenade as we entered, however it was only meant to stun. Toritaka opened fire, shooting through the smoke, and happened to hit Buntowara. Tsuyoi-san quickly took care of the elderly man.

--+ +1 point for using grenade. +--

That's when the hidden assassin arrived on scene. We had just recovered the remaining data from Buntowara’s place when the assassin leapt down on Tsuyoi-san. There was a brief struggle, but the three of us overpowered him. The assassin escaped, but we will have the data and Buntowara delivered to you soon.


--+ +2 for using assassin with flourish after Search and Replace. +--

.: Final score, 7 :.

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  1. Hi, I don't know the Zaibatsu RPG, but I see that it's not necessary to know it (if we understand that Harune Biolabs is the enterprise), but will it be same for next scenarios ?

    Also, do you have a mail if we want to contact you about rpg ?