Friday, March 23, 2018

Untold: Rokugan 2037 Season 1, Episode 0

I haven't forgotten about Laneira and Vince or Sajiyya. My issue with solo gaming is the constant brainstorm of ideas. Lately, that's been Battletech and Legend of the Five Rings. I think I know how I’d do the former, but tonight will be the latter.

The first session will use Untold: Adventures Await with the Freeform Universal RPG since I think that was an influence for Untold and the reaction roll from the Fate Dice Variant. The two hacks included are the Vagrant Dice System and Conflicts and Stress to keep it more in line with Fate. If this feels workable, I've got Night of a Thousand Screams for Solo a Module Month. Then it'll be back to one of the three other characters. Or Battletech with Clan Ghost Bear…

[Episode Guide]
Series Name: Rokugan 2037

When does this take place?
2037, near-future.

Where does this take place?
Ryoko Owari, The City of Lies

What do we know about the setting?
It's first edition Legend of the Five Rings in 2037. Iuchiban and Daigotsu are struggling for power, and Emperor Hantei is in control.

What is the tone of the setting?
Action adventure meets investigative noir. Dark. Bloody. A bit of horror.

Setting Synopsis
The City of Lies. An underworld brought to the surface by the Scorpion clan. You can find just about anything here for the right price. And the Bloodspeakers demand a very high price...

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