Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Core: Session 1

System.open(“Phantom Power Music”, “Overpowered”)


I am Laneira, once a Starborn Sidhe. We travelled the void millennia before humans knew how to make boats. As they spread, we retreated to avoid influencing humanity’s development. By the 1st century, we had left Earth behind.

Some of us took to the Relay and settled in other systems. Others, like myself, transferred our consciousness into ships. Our history and experiences logged electronically for future generations. Then we learned about the Devourer and why the Relays had gone unused until our rediscovery.

By 2069, humanity was set to discover the stars on their own and determined what the Relays did. What I could do. In spite of my warnings, scientists did as they always do: push forward. And so, my pilot, Vincent Landry, was chosen for the first piloted mission to another system. And I lost control.

Now, my pilot is trapped in The Grey by my own digital hand, and it’s up to me to save him.


./Untold.session(“I am searching a [museum] near the [harbor] looking for the [system archives]. I am here to [restore what I had destroyed], guarded by [intrusion countermeasures] and [the VIU].”)

./Untold.alter(“I am searching a naval museum near the harbor, looking for secured records. I am here to restore what I had destroyed, guarded by intrusion countermeasures and the VIU. When I arrive, something has already gone missing…”)

Laneira walks along the isolated pier. The sky overcast; the half moon barely lighting her way. The offices surrounding the plaza are closed while strips of orange neon highlight the corners of each building. Across the way, angry shouts escalate into a burst of gunfire.

Her attention snaps back to her immediate surroundings as a pair of figures approach from the museum. Each dressed in denim and lambskin leather blazers lined in silver filigree their black boots heavy on the concrete. Light gainsboro grey skin a subtle contrast to blue eyes.

One of them casually reaches a hand beneath the jacket, grabbing at something strapped beneath his arm. “Laneira,” he says, a false smile on his lips, “You need to come with us and report to Processing.”

I return his smile, hands empty, mind calculating a myriad of options. “I’ll return for Processing when the current task is complete.”

“Instructions are for immediate detainment,” the hand comes free, holding an angular and quiet gauss pistol. “Cooperation is suggested, not required.”

./Game.add_opposition(“Rookie Skip Agents”, “+2 Intimidate and Firearms”, “-2 Individuality and Blending In”, “Aspect: We Do As We're Told”)

./Game.difficulty(“Rookie Skip Agents”, +0)

./Game.roll (“Laneira”, “Attack action with Guile”, +0)

I step up to the armed agent, coldly staring into his eyes. “Do you have any idea what killing me would do?”

The two share a quick glance, the pistol wavers but not stowed away. He meets Laneira’s stare and doesn't appear too concerned.

“If you cooperate, we won't have to. Unless you'd rather we make a system call.”

./Game.difficulty(“Rookie Skip Agents”, +4)

./Game.roll(“Laneira”, “Defend action with Intellect”, +2)

./Game.resolve(“Laneira”, “2 Stress marked”)

I know the implication. Reinforcements. And those reinforcements would be ready to subdue anyone not being cooperative. I tried talking my way past them, now…

./Game.difficulty(“Rookie Skip Agents”, +0)

./Game.roll(“Laneira”, “Attack action with Force”, +2)

./Game.resolve(“Rookie Skip Agents”, “2 Stress marked”)

My hand comes up and smashes against the agent’s chin. His head snaps back from the impact.

./Game.difficulty(“Rookie Skip Agents”, +1)

./Game.roll(“Laneira”, “Defend action with Haste”, +0)

./Game.resolve(“Laneira”, “1 Stress marked”)

His partner produces his gauss pistol, stepping around to find a clean shot. The first agent recovers and lands a punch on Laneira’s chest.

./Game.difficulty(“Rookie Skip Agents”, +2)

./Game.roll(“Laneira”, “Attack action with Force”, +0)

I take the hit. I wish I hadn't. It makes my counter wide and far from its mark.

./Game.difficulty(“Rookie Skip Agents”, +1)

./Game.roll(“Laneira”, “Defend action with Haste”, +0)

./Game.resolve(“Laneira”, “1 Stress marked”)

The second opponent capitalizes on Laneira’s balance and kicks at her from behind, sending her toward the first attacker. The two have her positioned between them. The one in front seems a little worse for wear but not down yet.

./Game.difficulty(“Rookie Skip Agents”, +0)

./Game.roll(“Laneira”, “Uses Entanglement”, “Expends 1 Fate point” and “1 Empowered marked”, +4)

./Game.difficulty(“Empowered”, -2)

./Game.roll(“Laneira”, “Overcome action with Guile”, +1)

./Game.resolve(“Rookie Skip Agents”, “4 Stress marked”)

I need to end this. Two to one shouldn't be a problem, but I'm still getting used to being back in The Core. As much as I hated drawing on power so soon after appearing, it needed to be done.

My calculations begin telling me where they are, likely paths of advance, plans of attack, where they would be next. My body slips along electron currents, pulling me behind the first agent. My palm strikes the back of his head even as the currents draw me back to the second agent. I appear beside him, throwing a kick into his knee. The tide positions me in front of him, and my fist smashes into his face. I'm pulled along and follow with a hook to the side of his head.

Both agents fall to the ground. The gunfire across the way grinds to a halt, leaving the evening quiet and still with no one between Laneira and her destination.

System.close(“Colossal Trailer Music”, “Withering Bones”)

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