Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Core: Session 3

Laneira (after scene 2)
Mantle: Probability Engine
High Concept: Avatar of the Probability Engine
Trouble: Can Transplanted Consciousness Feel?
Aspect: Delenn, Manifestation of Storms
Refresh: 1 / 3
Scale: Supernatural

+0 Flair
+3 Focus
+1 Force
+2 Guile
+1 Haste
+2 Intellect

Part of the System: As I am Part of the System, I can attack minor NPCs with Guile and get them to power down even in physical conflict.

Stress [1] [1] [1] [1] [1] [1]
In Peril [4]
Doomed [6]
Indebted [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Empowered [x] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Charged [ ]
Grounded [ ]“Phantom Power Music”, “Overpowered”)

Leaving the offices, Laneira walks along the dim carpeted hallway. The terminal had given her the location of the secure archives and which of the elevators would take her there. A tall woman waits by the elevator, shoulder length black hair shifting as she glances at the elevator’s display: B2.

“Come on,” she mumbles.

The woman slides the sleeve of her leather jacket to check her watch impatiently.


VIU Sentry, Impatient Makeshift Lookout
+2 Burglary and Escape
-2 Physical Conflict
Stress [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Laneira rolls Create an Advantage using Guile against Difficulty +0. Result, +1 and adds the Quiet Condition to herself with one free Invoke.


I see the woman impatiently waiting for the elevator. I have questions; she has answers. Maybe. So, I take advantage of the dim hallway and carpeted floor to sneak up behind her. Delenn whispers into existence, the azure blueprint of her pistol frame growing solid in my hand.


Laneira rolls Create an Advantage using Flair against Difficulty -3 (!!). Result, -2 (!!) and adds the Nervous Condition to the Sentry with one free Invoke.


I step up behind the woman and press Delenn against the back of her head. An arm slips around her to keep her detained. The hammer of the Thunderbird pulls back, ready to release a .50 caliber bullet through her skull.

“What does the VIU want with a recovery key?” I whisper harshly.


Laneira rolls Overcome using Force, invoking Quiet and Nervous for free against Difficulty -1. Result, +4 and inflicts 4 Stress with a Scared Boost.


The woman’s hands go up to grab Laneira’s arm. At the sound of the hammer being cocked, she freezes.

“We heard about something important being deleted. We wanted to get the key. Sell it or the object to whoever wanted it more.”

“If it's already gone, why are you still here?” I ask.

“An Agent. Downstairs. He's got Sean trapped in the archive. I was going to help…”

I push her into the elevator as the door opens, “I'll see about this Agent and Sean. Then the two of you can answer the rest of my questions.”

The elevator door closes and begins its descent back to B2.

System.close(“Colossal Trailer Music”, “Withering Bones”)

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